How to Keep Animals Out of Your Garage

How to Keep Animals Out of Your Garage

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Even the greatest animal lover can get a little annoyed at uninvited animals crawling in their garage. From mice to spiders, they all love the dark, hidden and moist corners of your garage, and will find it if you don't do anything to prevent it. So here are some tips to keep your garage animal free, aside from your pets of course.How to Keep Animals Out of Your Garage

Seal your garage

This is probably the most obvious and important one. If you don't seal your garage properly, not only will it invite animals in but it will let the warmth out. That can be frustrating especially during the winter because no matter how much you heat it up, it will freeze down in minutes. So check your corners, bottom seal and air vents for possible cracks and holes before the guests come in without invitation.

Set your garbage outside

Smells always attract animals, especially if you leave garbage bags with food for longer periods of time in your garage. If you have trouble with uninvited animals, or you really want to prevent it, you might want to put the garbage bags outside the garage from now on and don't leave any food in there either because no matter how little the smell bothers you, animals often have way better sense of smell and will find it inviting to see where it comes from.

Keep the Garage Clean

A dirty garage is very welcoming to a spider or mouse trying to find a place to hide. By cleaning your garage on a regular basis you can prevent that and find other 'animal attractions' you have in there on time. Keeping your garage tidy and clean will also help you find any possible infestation sooner so it does not become a major problem.

Aside from health and aesthetic affects, various animals can cause damage to your garage door system. Chipmunks can chew the cables, and spider webs might cause problems with the opener circuit board if the area is moist. Hopefully these tips help you keep your garage just for you.

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